Mary Francine Danis

Mary Francine DanisMary Francine Danis, PhD, started a learning center in 2009 that bears her name: The Mary Francine Danis Writing Center. Dr. Danis has been good to the University. Her legacy, like a Shakespearean sonnet, is a work of layered beauty. She served and taught. She inspired and built. She gave consistently and generously to scholarships. She sees the University as a pool of water, a place in which to dive and enjoy the depths of knowledge and learning. “In gratitude,” she says, “I wanted to give back and make that experience available for others.” Dr. Danis' establishment of the Jud Mather Scholarship has supported students in the Weekend College. Her decision to include OLLU in her estate planning comes from her continued commitment to serving and inspiring the next generation of students.